Monday, December 10, 2012

Days 5-10: I'm Still Hanging in There!

I've been busy busy the past week, so I apologize for not keeping up with my daily blogging. Last week was pretty uneventful. I take that back...

Friday was absolutely terrible. I had to hit Target to pick up a few things for my son's birthday party that was happening on Saturday. You must know that Target is my favorite store and I can spend hours in there. Not exaggerating. My problem with this trip is I knew I had to get from one side of the store to the other while avoiding the clothing and shoe sections. Highly impossible since both are in the center of the store. As we were going in my mom asks, "Can you do it?" I'm thinking, "Heck no!", but followed her question with a, "Yes."

We get inside and the store is bright and sparkly for Christmas. I LOVE sparkly! I hit electronics, which wasn't a big deal and tried to figure out how to make my way over to the food section for candy and dog food. Hmmm. I decided to take the center aisle. Clothing would be to my left and hosiery to my right. As I'm coming down the aisle there was an end cap with Dirt Devils. That was my key to making it over that way. I focused on the vacuums not moving my eyes at all. If I did, I'd be done for! I could sense the clearance signs and the new items that they place so nicely on the corner of the women's section. I kept it moving and I made it! It seemed like the longest trip ever. It felt like I was moving in slow motion.

I grab everything I need from the food section and head to the registers. It hit me. Like a ton of bricks. I forgot that Target had teamed with Neiman Marcus. Of course, my cart naturally moved towards the absolutely gorgeous items that were on display. Everything was pretty. I mean everything. My eyes got wide and my mom looked at me with an, "Uh oh!" look. I just looked and looked and looked some more. I slowly walked away looking back at the sick handbag that was getting farther away the closer I got to the check out line. I placed my four items on the counter, none were remotely pretty, shiny or made my heart skip a beat when I picked them up. I paid and we left. Deep sigh.

How I'm Feeling Today: Like I need a drink!


  1. Good for you! You deserve a drink to celebrate your willpower!!

  2. Will that then make me an alcoholic? I'm trying to keep my "holics" to a minimum. LOL!