Thursday, December 13, 2012

Days 11-13: Fashion Fashion Everywhere...Except In My Closet

Alright, so I’m on Day 13. Day 13 with 77 more days to go. Whose idea was this? Seriously! Fashion is all over the place. Everywhere! It’s like I need to just poke my eyeballs out because every day there is something taunting me. Yesterday it was a killer pair of red heels that a friend “liked” on Facebook. Everyday I see something that I love and would normally just go out and buy. I can barely watch Nickelodeon with the kids, because some of those kid actors are sporting some cute gear.

I almost lost the battle today. We’re having a champagne and chocolates event at work and, Airica (my BFF and also my co-worker) and I, had to go to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory IN THE MALL to purchase the chocolates. It wasn’t such a bad idea until I remembered that two of my favorite stores, New York and Company and TJ Maxx, are across the hall from this place. I love chocolate, and probably would have asked for a sample, but I wasn’t focused on chocolate! In my head I’m trying to figure out how to shimmy my way over to NY & Co. without Airica noticing. Twenty minutes later the chocolate is packaged, paid for and we’re ready to go.
Me: “Wow. Look, it’s so bright in New York and Company. And look they have some tops on clearance for $5.95”
Airica: “Oh, The Yankee Candle store. Let’s go in there.”
In my head I’m thinking, “Umm, did you not just hear me? I want to go into New York and Company.” I followed behind. We smell the funky candles for a bit and move on. Airica thought it would be to the car, but I had something else in mind.
Me: “Can we go in?” waiting for approval to enter NY & Co.
Airica: “Sure, but you’re not buying anything.”
Me: “I know. I just want to look.”
When did the lights get so bright in these stores? I think angels were singing as I walked in. Seriously, I heard angels! I touched lots of stuff, and I made sure Airica knew everything I liked. “That’s cute.” “Look at that.”  “They have it in black.” “That orange is blinding!” “Cute.” “Cute.” “Cute.” “Cute.” “Cute.” I was in my happy place; I was like the lady in the old feminine product commercial spinning and dancing in a meadow. The dancing and spinning came to a quick halt. NOTHING for me. Boooo. Hiss.
I did make a purchase; it was my Secret Santa gift for a co-worker. If she doesn’t like it, I can always “return" it. :-) 
After my purchase was bagged up, I walked towards Airica with my little bag (when I say little, I mean, little. I didn’t even know they made shopping bags that small). I ran my hand across a nice soft pink sweater and felt like I wanted to buy everything in the store.
Airica: “Good job. You’re doing well.”
Me: “Thanks I feel like I want to cry. It’s been 13 days.”
How I’m Feeling Today: Like the days are getting longer and this is getting harder.

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